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Here’s how it happened the first time:  I got up in the middle of the night for a drink of water, stepped into the kitchen and there it was:  4:44 in blue numbers on the stove’s clock.  I stopped.  That’s weird, I thought, lifted the glass and drank.  I watched how the numbers became distorted through the bottom of the glass.  When I sat up in bed the next morning, I just couldn’t get rid of the idea that those numbers had meant something.

A couple of days passed until I forgot about it.  Then it happened again.  This time it was 11:11, on the digital clock in my car.  I stopped for a moment to think. “Who knows what it is,” I thought. And then just resumed going about my daily nonsense.

Are you seeing this too?  There's A Lot of Us

Are You Seeing This Too?There Are A Lot of Us

A year has passed.  And I have seen some form of repeated numbers every single day since then.  Now I’m no mathematician by any stretch, but I’m sure that coincidence is statistically impossible here.  Every day for a year or so?  There’s no way it is mere coincidence.  (There are no coincidences btw.)

Besides, it’s not the fact that I’ve seen it so many times, it’s that every time I see it, it seems to be pointing something or someone out to me.  As though saying, pay attention to this person, or talk to this person, or help this person.

After a time of seeing these “repeats” on clocks everywhere, I began seeing them on license plates.  Everyday.  Here’s how it would happen.  Keep in mind that I don’t drive very much because I work from home (if you can call writing work).  So when I do drive, it’s usually to get some food or exercise or to meet someone out.

Usually the first repeat will appear at the first stop light I get to.  I’ll pull up and there it is, a repeated number (11, 22 etc.) on the license plate right in front of me.  At first, I had the same thought I had when I saw the 4:44 in the middle of the night: just a coincidence.  Then the pattern kept happening.

Other times I’ll be driving on the freeway, a car will pass me, the person will give a look then switch into my lane, and there it is:  another repeat.

It’s to the point where I can’t help but smile.  I feel I’m in a “protected zone,” just where I should be.  Recently it’s been happening where I’ll have a couple of cars around me with repeats; one directly in front, another on the side or behind.

Other times, I’ll be having an important conversation about the coming earth changes with someone and I’ll look at the clock to see a repeat.  I usually point it out to them.

“See that?”

“Yeah, so?”

“I’ve been seeing those everyday for about a year.”

Usually they just shrug it off.  But now some of those very same friends have had a couple of 11:11 experiences.  One of them told me the other day, “Guess what?  I just saw 11:11!”  I looked at her and smiled.  “It probably won’t be the last time.”

So what’s really  going on here?  Well, my intuition tells me it’s a type of signal, a message, a wake-up call.  But the real question is:  who’s sending it?  That’s is where it gets interesting.

It’s clear to me that these digital messages are coming from outside my typical everyday reality (at least the one I can see, hear and touch), and they definitely seem to be pointing out something good, either a person or a situation I should focus on.  But just who is actually sending them?  That I honestly don’t know.

What I do know, is that whoever is sending them is looking out for me, attempting to communicate with me in some way.  Maybe the problem is with my belief system.  Maybe my mind isn’t ready for direct communication from this other level or dimension and this is a way to soften me up for the day when my belief systems are completely torn down (probably sometime soon).

I have definitely become more spiritual since this whole phenomenon began.  The craziest thing was when I googled 11:11 and realized that I wasn’t the only person this was happening to.

So now you know:  You’re not the only one!  Lots of us are seeing these signals.  I have so many examples that I’m going to keep adding them here as I remember them–so keep checking back.  And more importantly if you have an interesting story, or even a picture of one of your repeats, send it to me and I’ll be glad to post it here on my blog for all of us to see.


11:11–Light and Love to All–All are One.

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  1. 11:11 is real people, i am very wary of psychics or people who claim spiritual beliefs but this 11:11 stuff has to mean something…not sure what but I have been seeing this for a long time and it just cannot be a coincidence…there has to be a meaning, i just hope is something good =) god bless

  2. I wake up a lot and look at the clock and its 11:11, I find it creepy and wonder what it means. I’d love to read more about this.

    • It is the same for all of us at first. I thought it was strange the first time I saw the 11:11. Then I kept seeing it. That was when I began to realize that I couldn’t keep explaining it away with the idea that it was pure “coincidence.” Something else was going on. You might enjoy this video,

  3. I have been seeing 11:11 scene I became prego three mounts ago I am assuming it was someone letting me know or my grandma telling me she is still with me

  4. Well i have been seeing 9:11 everywhere its crazy I have no idea why and who is trying to communicate with me but I have a weird feeling about it. Just yesterday I was talking with someone on the phone and then boom I look down and there it is.

  5. Unlike everyone else, this has only been happening to me since december 2009. it all started when my best mate started telling me about how he keeps seeing 11:11, 1:11, 9:11 etc. everywhere. (he’d always text me at odd times telling me where he saw it… one night he was watching foxtel and he fell asleep on the couch, when he woke up the screen was just a grey fuz, so he looked at his phone to see what the time was and it was 1:11. he would always tells us about noises that sound like people walking around the house when no one was home. this all scared me n my mates a bit but we’d just joke about it not realizing how scary it can be at times.

    The first time i experienced it was the night i was leaving town, we were all sitting in my room mucking around, when we looked at the computer time n it said 11:11, 2 seconds after a massive metal bar fell down from the top shelf and nearly hit my mate on the head, (it was a bar you hang a clothes dryer from if you put it on your wall) he was the one thats been experiencing it for a while. we were all joking about it when only a few seconds after that we head a door creak open and loud heavy footsteps in the hallway, they were slow but sounded so real it was insane! we were kinda of s****** ourselves so we decided to go for a walk. when we got up to open the door it stopped. my mate was s****** himself n just wanted to get out of the house, so we went outside n down the street to get some photos before i left. in the first 11 photos we took they were green and yellow blurs right next to our faces, some of the group shots were just smeared across my mates face. we were still hyped up from before so we were getting scared again about everything. (one photo we swear looked like a face, but when we went to upload the piks onto the computer all 11 photos corrupted.)

    but for me, the first time i’ve ever had the worst of it was just 4 days ago (on friday). id just been working out n i got up to change the song on my ipod. i was standing next to my wall in my bedroom, and i heard the loudest and highest pitched scream that i have ever heard, it lasted only for a split second but it was enough to freak me out. (no one was in the house either). i just brushed it off,n pretended like it was nothing, but i just couldn’t stop thinking about it. since friday i have been seeing a massive jump in the amount of times im seeing the double digits appearing. one thing i did notice tho was that it was only ever on digital devises. i have never seen it on an analog clock or watch. EVER!! anyway, about 50mins ago i was sitting in my bed thinking about the funny stuff that had happened when i was at school. (id just got a new alarm clock coz since wednesday none of my alarms on my phone, watch and digital alarm clock have been working anymore :S) i was sitting in bed and the new alarm clock was one that shouted get up over and over and had red flashing lights for the eyes and it moved when the alarm goes off. it was a dog alarm clock, kinda gay, but i didn’t wanna get busted for being late for school again) i was just about to fall asleep when it started going off, the red eyes wernt flashing and it wasnt moving it was just saying get up over and over, when i stopped it, the time on the clock said 11:11 i decided to research this to find out what this means, im freaked out about it all. this is a massive post n thx for reading it, but has anyone else experienced alot more unusual events? weird noises, coincidences? i really wanna know coz no other site has the exact same problem i do, everyone else just has more of the time side going on…

    it would help me so much if someone could tell me wat this means…

    (by the way when i was writing this i kept hearing a girls voice, and im still hearing it now, its so quiet i cant understand it, but i seriously dont know how im going to sleep tonight)

    • hey cameron,

      please don’t get freaked out by the 11:11. It is a wake up call from the One consciousness and from Yourself.

      But what are you supposed to wake up from?

      From the fact that our reality as we know it now, is not built in Humanity’s best interest, nor in Earth’s best interest.

      You are One of the many who are seeing our own signal! 11:11 You Are The One You Are Waiting For! It won’t be long now–change is Good.

      Practice meditation, practice entering the Space Between Thoughts and growing your inner understanding.

      here’s a great video for you:

  6. iv been getting double no.s since iv been talking to a guy i met on line though for some reason we argue too but ev time i see the double no.s we make up i am psychic but still it wierd for me xx

  7. Its happening to me too. 1111

  8. I feel love and blessings when I see same digit numbers. I accept and feel honored that my angels love me, never gave up on me and now are teaching me to grow in love for myself and mankind. Seeing same digit numbers is the communication for each of us from our spiritual guardians. Learning to be receptive of this gift from our angels and our loving God are the blessings.

  9. I must be weird because I don’t see 11:11 all the time. I see 7:11 all the time. I have been for at least 20 years. It’s even part of my phone number that the phone company randomly assigned to me. The last four digits of my phone number are 7011. I have no idea what it means. But I’ve been seeing it for so long now that I don’t even marvel at it anymore. I just accept it as part of my reality.

    However, my home address is 1111. It’s all so strange.

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