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So maybe you’re asking the question, “what exactly is meditation?” Or, maybe you’ve stumbled upon this article because you want to know how to meditate. Either way–you’re here–which is good. Now, when you meditate, you are making a place for your Self. You can come back to this place anytime.

At first, you’ll probably return to your meditation because you’re tired of the mayhem swirling around you. Meditation methods are not like doorways—they are doorways. And by going through them you re-enter this recognizable place. You are in the Silent Awareness between Thoughts.

This is your Center. When you are here, you should fear nothing. Nothing. You are inaccessible here. Another peculiar sensation you may notice is that you feel as though Time has stopped. (This is because It has. It doesn’t exist in this place.) You see, the everyday world doesn’t belong here. You do not even perceive it when you are here. You are observing Consciousness itself. Observing your Self. And You, are neither the observed, nor the observer–You are the Act of Observing itself!

When in meditation, where are you? You are in the Now, if you could call where you are a “Where”—because it’s not of course. You see, Consciousness has no physical location. Yes, your body has a location, but You are not your body. You are Consciousness.

Now, if you want to learn how to meditate using Clouds, here’s what you do, first know that you can practice this technique wherever you can watch clouds. A spot with a great big Sky over it is the best, but sometimes there is only a window, (like at work), so you’ll have to make use of whatever you have available. This meditation technique is very doable with just a limited view of the Sky.

It can be done sitting, standing or even in your car. Just be silent and watch the Clouds. Realize that despite everything you experience in a day, despite everything you experience in a night, the Clouds are always above, always moving. Watch as they move above You now. Understand what it means that they are never the same. Not one Cloud moment is repeated in all of eternity.

In our minds, we’re so used to the thought that a Cloud is a cloud. Let me dismantle this idea for you. Just ask yourself: If it is always changing, always moving—is it really the same Cloud? Or, have I just, with my mind, made it into one Cloud, when it actually it is millions upon millions of moving water droplets that are constantly changing their individual positions (and relationship to one another) in space. They are never in the same spot.

Watch the Clouds. Now think about this: your Thoughts are very similar to Clouds. They move through your Mind exactly like Clouds move through the Sky. Your Mind is the Sky.

Try watching the Clouds for 30 seconds without removing your attention at all. As your cloud meditation improves, you will find that you can gaze at clouds for longer periods of time. When you gaze at the clouds, don’t just stare—your vision should flow over them in a slow, clockwise spiral.

If you become distracted by a thought, just be aware enough not to follow that thought. Let it pass through you mind. Then bring your mind back to the clouds. See how a wholly different cloud is created and recreated each Moment. And realize that this very same phenomenon occurs everywhere in Nature. Everywhere. Including in You.

Your Thoughts are Clouds themselves, instead of water droplets, they are made from ideas and concepts, themselves intangible realities! So your deepest, True Nature is an intangible reality. This is the Cloud Meditation Technique. Use it whenever you have clouds to watch.

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