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how to meditate: watch the water surface

how to meditate: watch the water surface

How to meditate is something many people are asking–so, what is meditation really?  And how do you do it?  Well there’s the sitting still part, and there’s the special breathing–but, what if you think you might have ADD?  Or are just so active that you don’t see yourself meditating:  “If I can’t even sit still for five minutes, how the hell am I supposed to meditate?

10 How to Meditate tips:

  • Do 10-15 minutes of stretching. This will get energy flowing and will work to release any self-created energy blockages. Focus on those spots that are tense, the spots where you hold tension, (muscles that ache–even after you rest). This is where you store stress created by the circumstances of your life.
  • Choose your meditation spot. Keep in mind this place is just for you. It should feel positive to sit there. It should have a relaxing view. Find a place where no one can disturb you. And whatever you do–don’t have your phone with you. Just turn it off.
  • Use a cushion. It can be a sofa pillow if you don’t have an actual meditation cushion. Make sure that it has good density so that it supports your spine; letting you sit for longer periods of time without getting uncomfortable.
  • Keep your spine as straight as possible. Imagine an invisible string pulling your head upward so that your spine seems to straighten out on its own. If you find that your spine reassumes its habitual position, your head moving forward, just picture the string pulling you up again.
  • If your back begins to hurt in places, bend forward, try to touch your chin to your chest, your forehead to the ground in front of you. Stretch your arms directly forward over the ground. This will stretch your back and relieve the aches and pains and allow you to meditate longer.
  • Close your eyelids so that your eyes are almost closed, but not quite. A bit of light should enter near the bottom of your lids. Release muscular control over your eyes so that they cross slightly behind the semi closed lids. Allow them to roll downward so that your vision is at a downward, 45 degree angle. (If your eyes were open, you would be looking down the tip of your nose, or maybe slightly above that.)
  • Now relaxation moves through you: starting with the muscles of your forehead, then your cheeks, (unclench your teeth); relax your shoulders and arms, hands; then relax the muscles of your legs and feet. Hold your hands just below your navel, or bellybutton, interlace your fingers so that your hands remain together without any effort on your part.
  • Now, focus on your breath. As you inhale, place your attention on the top of your head, on the crown chakra. Imagine the breath is energy; energy that enters through the crown chakra and spirals downward to your heart chakra, (at the level of your chest).
  • On exhalation, see how energy spirals upward to meet at the heart chakra. Do this each time you perform a breathing cycle
  • Now, focus on the point where the two energies meet: the heart chakra. And imagine the Sun–morning sun or afternoon sun, whichever you like more–imagine it is not really in the sky, and see how it is actually in the Center of your Being. See with your Mind’s Eye, how the Sun is in your chest. See it there, shining, spreading Warmth to the world around you.
  • Now you are in at the still point–the Center. Stay here as long as you can.
How to Meditate:  Watching Water

How to Meditate: Watching Water

And one more thing: if a thought appears in your mind, don’t place your attention on it. It is here to distract you.  Let it pass through, let it go without attaching yourself to it. Meditating is like walking through a crowd. You move in the spaces between the people. In meditation You seek the space between the Thoughts.

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