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How to Meditate:

excerpt taken from, “The Awakening of Kundalini” by Gopi Krishna

How to Meditation: an excerpt from Awakening Of Kundalini

The Awakening Of Kundalini by Gopi Krishna

“The only key to the understanding of mystical consciousness lies in treating the phenomenon as a metamorphosis in the cognitive capacity of the observer.  The soul grows mighty and the mental eye is immensely enlarged.  When the mind of an enlightened being is turned inward, the panorama that meets the inner eye is a colossal world of life that dwarfs the image of the external world–present in his imagination–into insignificance.”

“What is experienced is a living Presence, an inexpressible ocean of consciousness spread everywhere.  The world image seems to float like a reflection in a mirror, occupying but a small portion of its unbounded periphery.”

how to meditation

Teach Someone to Meditate

“So long as the distinction between the subject and the object of contemplation continues to exist, the real experience of Samadhi does not occur.  The subject and the object must become one and consciousness recoil on itself, leading to a new area of perception never experienced before.”

“The ultimate aim of Yoga is to create a consciousness which sees the visible world in a new light, not as something alien or foreign to it, but as an inseparable part of itself.  This clearly indicates a metamorphosis in the observer.”



  1. Namaste! This is indeed helpful to teach to beginners engaging themselves in meditation. I loved the picture you posted too.

  2. Thanks for this article. Teaching beginners meditation can really be rewarding.

  3. The kundalini is nothing more than the body’s own expression of its impermanence.

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